Riis History

v0.06 - Dec 2006

  • blog creation and configuration vastly simplified (ftp program / text editor no longer required)
  • blog editor where old posts can be viewed and deleted
  • rss bugfix for blogs not using the mod_rewrite feature
  • caption google'ing e.g. for proofing purposes
  • slightly modified preview page

v0.04 - Nov 2006

  • far better control of image size / sharpening / jpeg quality / file size trade offs
  • settings stored in the application data directory for improved vista compliance
  • the main window can now be resized and the image can be shown in a zoomed mode
  • local saving of blog images without FTP transfer possible
  • added local browser preview of each blog entry
  • two extra sharpening levels
  • php warnings removed on servers with picky error reporting
  • photoblog archives section added
  • improved readability of permalinks
  • upgraded nsis to v2.21

v0.02 - Sep 2006

  • initial release


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