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Oscar Barnack (1879-1936) Barnack is a program that provides an interactive platform for learning about the intrinsic camera parameters and their effect on the depth of field, the hyperfocal distance, field of view, et cetera.

Oscar Barnack (1879-1936) designed the first camera using the 24x36 mm format for German microscope manufacturer Leitz in 1913. Its name was UR-Leica and it is now known as "the precursor to all 35mm cameras".

Barnack application window
Barnack application window.

Barnack camera details example
Barnack camera details window.


Latest version of Barnack v0.70 [465 KB] (Windows version packaged by Nullsoft NSIS).

Barnack history (and download of older versions).

Related software

Barnack's older brother is Porta; a photo album generator named after Giambattista della Porta. Another family member is cousin Riis; a minimalistic photoblog system that enables you to share an image in a single mouse click.

Contact information

Mail comments, support questions and bug reports to Mikkel B. Stegmann at Barnack mail address.