A one-click photo diary

Jacob August Riis (1849-1914) Riis is a minimalistic photoblog system that enables you to share an image in a single mouse click.

It sports an rss-based news feed allowing your audience to stay updated, e.g. by using live bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox. Finally, all usage of xhtml/css/rss is validated for maximal compatibility.

Jacob August Riis (1849-1914), a Danish emigrant living in the US, pioneered the photojournalism genre by covering the 1880's slum of New Yorks east side. Allegedly, he was also among the first to use the precursor to modern flashguns; the "flashlight powder".


  • A webserver with ftp access that supports php.

  • A minute to setup and create the blog.

Screen shot of the Riis client application. Screen shot of the Riis client application.


Download the latest version of Riis [v0.06, 466 KB] (Windows version packaged by Nullsoft NSIS).

Check the Riis history for recent changes and download of older versions.

Related software

Riis has two older cousins: Porta; a photo album generator named after Giambattista della Porta, and Barnack; a program for learning about the intrinsic camera parameters and their effect on the hyperfocal distance, depth of field et cetera.

Contact information

Mail comments, support questions and bug reports to Mikkel B. Stegmann at Riis mail address.